AFLAC concerns; Contract Update, General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
I have had many people contact me regarding the change in payment letter from AFLAC. I have contacted Central and they have taken care of the situation. No action is required on your part. Disregard the letter.

The negotiations team met with the new district team August 17th and while no forward progress was made, we were able to freely explain our requests and completely bring the new team current. We also indicated that things need to pick up speed. They agreed and we have set up two more meetings in September.

We will have our General Membership Meeting directly after the Convocation at 10AM.  We are allowed 15 minutes, tops. The main reason for the meeting is to vote on the ATA 2018/2019 Budget. We will also be giving out our new "I Am The ATA" shirt to ATA members. Please go to the table with your shirt size and initial your name on the list. If you are on Facebook please join Team ATA.

Enjoy whats left!