ATA Marches in Amityville Homecoming Parade

On Saturday October 24th, 2015 the ATA Marched in the Amityville Homecoming Parade. Many teachers came down thanks to ATA High School BVP and organizer Jenn Trotman and marched together and some also marched with the teams they coach, clubs they run, bands they lead, and schools they teach in. We march behind the BOE Members and Administration and right in front of the Marching Band directed by HS ATA Member Brian Wishin, which was fantastic to march to! It was fun to walk down the middle of Route 110 waving to all of the supporters watching. MS ATA Member Joe Scolino organized the Middle School Band bringing up the rear. Once we got to the Amityville Memorial High School we walked once around the track for good measure. During the halftime show we got to see the award winning Marching Band perform and the Homecoming Festivities. Well, I didn't. I had to walk East Islip into the locker room.

ATA Member and senior class advisor Margot Howard (along with her parents Pat and Annette)ran the concession stand with some early help from Colleen Kretz, and designed the wonderful Class of 2016 Float.

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