Campbell Brown on The Colbert Report

Last night Steven Colbert interviewed Campbell Brown on his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report. In the interview she says that there is now a lawsuit in New York that is similar to the Vergara vs. The State of California, where tenure has been ruled unconstitutional. Click HERE to view the interview (the interview starts at 13:22). Here is another perspective on tenure from a show called "Lew's View". NYSUT President Karen McGee has written an article on the subject that fully explains why tenure is needed (in case you really don't know) and exposes true reason behind the attacks on teachers and education. We cannot ignore these attacks anymore as someone else's plight. NEA and AFT have resolutions against US Education Secretary Arne Duncan because he applauded the California Case. There is also something called Storify on the AFT website in which this topic has been and still is being commented on; view it HERE. Stay tuned!

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