The End of the School Year is Here!

Friday, June 28, 2019
The end of the school year is upon us! Below are some updates from some ATA events and school-wide events. This includes the Minutes from our last Legislative Council Meeting and the new Amityville tradition of our seniors doing their 'Senior Walk'. Congratulations to all of the graduating students. 
Our teachers also took part in supporting safer schools by wearing orange for Gun Violence Awareness Day. Another way that you can ensure your classroom is a safe and comfortable learning environment is by taking the NYSUT heat survey. I have provided more information on that below.
While tensions are high, know that our members are being represented by NYSUT Legal and their staff. They will be supported by the ATA and NYSUT every step of the way. 
It is my recommendation against doing school fundraisers (for the time being). If  you ever feel pressured into doing a fundraiser please stop the meeting and ask for Union Representation.
With the retirement of VP Carol Seehof there is a vacancy on our Negotiation Team. If you would like to be considered for her replacement please send me an email with your qualifications and/or what you will bring to the table. We still have some important work to do during the summer including getting "hard copies" for everyone.
The Retirement Dinner was fantastic! Thank you again to the LAP committee run by Kathleen Thorn and Kristina Komsic for putting together such a great event. Our retirees each received a personalized ATA Pendant or an inscribed watch.
I would like to take this time to thank everyone for a wonderful school year. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in late August. Please look for the ATA Summer Letter for time and place of our General Membership Meeting.