General Membership Meeting

Thursday, February 27, 2020
I sent out an reminder email last night but there was an error apparently so I am resending this message:

This is a friendly reminder that there will be two General Membership Meetings Thursday February 27, 2020 to review the proposed contract extension. They will be held in the AMHS Auditorium; one will begin at 245pm and the other will begin at 4pm. We will vote on the contract extension Monday March 2, 2020 by secret ballot in your home building. As per our Constitution and Bylaws there are no absentee ballots for contract ratification. I will send a copy of the MOA and any presentation Thursday evening to the membership. Please seek out the Negotiation Team Member in your buildings on Friday if you have questions. They are:

Bob Claps - Park Ave and Northeast
Matt Griess - AMHS
Janine Katsigiorgis and Frank O'Brien - EWMMS

Jaclyn Wittschiebe and Kelli Geilman - Northwest

You can also call, text or email me over the weekend.