Newly Tenured ATA Members

Monday, April 13, 2020
Congratulations on a job well done! You have put in the work, persevered through some rough spots, enjoyed the moments of others. You have made some life long friends and coworkers. You have made connections with your students and inspired them to learn more. ATA members are the hardest working teachers in the state, proudly, and we welcome you to our ranks. Our members are what makes our union strong and we know you have just made us a stronger unit. Normally many of us would be there to celebrate with you at the meeting. We'll have a celebration later on when it is safe.

Our 2020 Tenure Recipients:
Lisa Carey Katerina Sarris   
Danielle Coles Karina Thepenier   
Karen Fried    Jaclyn Johnson   
Katey Thorn    Alison La Personerie   
Nick Castro    Vitoria McClafferty   
Jennifer Galasso    Jenny Smith
Diane Impagliazzo    Meghan Ashe   
Patricia Scherzinger    Stacey Bura  
Matt Tomasi    Francine Ferber   
Erica Azzara   JoAnn Silva-Cruz   
Suparna Basu   Jeannette Tandy   
Christopher Lettieri    Katherine Tricarico   
Natasha Lim   
Susan Zaratin
Megan Martin     


Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!

In Unity,

Your Legislative Council:
Robert Claps - President Matt Greiss - VP - Grievances
Frank O'Brien- VP - PAC George Alexander - Treasurer
Tina Smith - Secretary Kara Keenan - BVP AMHS
Allison Reichel - ABVP AMHS Lesia Milan - ABVP AMHS
Janine Katsigiorgis - BVP EWMMS Renee Silon - ABVP EWMMS
Nakia Williams - BVP PAMES
Rebecca Feehan - ABVP PAMES
Paul Grasso - ABVP PAMES
Kelli Geilman, BVP NW
Sandra James ABVP NW
Maria Lievano - BVP NE
Nicole Faber ABVP NE
Nancy Davi-Ortiz - Suffolk Edge
Yvette Carmen -  Health and Safety
Lydia Robinson - Elections
Hank Carpenter - RTA
Kathleen Thorn -  LAP
Kristina Komsic - LAP