The NYSUT Phonebank is Now Open

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
We are coming into the final days of this election season. Early voting started this Saturday. This is crunch time and I could use "all hands on deck." Please try to spend a few moments and make calls. Having our members like Jackie Gordon and Monica Martinez in office could really make a difference in our daily lives.

You can also access the NYSUT Voter Guide with information on our endorsed candidates and ways to vote, by clicking here.

Jackie Gordon for Congress-
Monica Martinez for State Senate-
PA Calls for Biden-

Your direct link is listed above

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME YOU NEED TO CREATE A NEW ID. Click on the button that says "Log in with Action ID. Then click on the Blue tab that says, "Create Action ID." If you already have created an Action ID before then enter your Action ID and Password.
Enter your email address. This can be any email that you can access. You can make up any password for you to use with this system, but we prefer that you use Nysut1234 so it is easy for us to remember next time you sign on. Enter that password.

Put in your first and last name. Skip the question that asks for your phone number.
Click the "Create" Button below. When it asks to verify with a two-step process select "no thanks, continue."

Your phone bank script will populate your screen. Carefully read it over and check out the survey questions. Make sure this is the right script before you start making calls. The top right corner of the screen should verify your phone bank list with the name of your local. Check out the drop down box for when you do not reach the person ( in red ) and the drop down box when they answer your question.

Practice your script a few times until you are comfortable. You can always block your phone number with *67

Start making calls!