Preparing for Janus and Opt Out

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

April is nearly here and I would like to wish all of our members a Happy Easter and Passover. Over the next few weeks our union will be extremely busy preparing for Janus and for state testing.

Our union is in the process of talking to our members and discussing with them the importance of sticking with our union. Below I have provided some information on the pay advantages of being a union teacher. Something that many members don't think about is the wide range of issues that we are able to negotiate into our Collective Bargaining Agreements. This ability could be lost if we lose the Janus case. Below I have provided an example from Wisconsin which shows how their contract went from 86 pages to just 1.

We are also coming up to state testing time. NYSUT has once again put out guidelines for what is appropriate for teachers to do in regards to Opt-Out. Additionally, they have provided guidance for parents in determining whether or not their child should opt out.

I hope that everyone enjoys the week off  and I hope that everyone comes back refreshed and ready for the final stretch of the school year.