Tomorrow We Need to Vote

Monday, November 5, 2018

November 6th, we need to vote!

We are at the very end of our rope with APPR.
This is the last year we can decouple the state test scores from our APPR before they come back... And we all remember that fiasco. The state senators blocked the fix and we are opposing all who would not stand with us, Republican and Democrat.
The state senate races are the most important! 
For the love of our job security and our students, please vote for the NYSUT endorsed senate candidates or we are going back to state test scores on APPR.
No endorsement for governor... Cuomo hasn't fixed what he broke and this other guy is taking boatloads of charter school cash.
We endorsed most of the NYS assembly incumbents, Republican and Democrat, because they have been supportive our our profession and the students we serve.