Update on Reopening Plans

Friday, July 31, 2020

I know that you all have concerns after Dr. Kelly's email and robo-call. I want to inform you of the following:

Yesterday morning the LC met to outline building concerns that were to be presented at the District's Reopening Stakeholder Meeting.

A list of concerns were addressed and complied for presentation at this meeting.

In the time frame allotted, we brought up concerns in regards to live instruction, screening, cleaning protocols, behavioral protocols, accommodations for teachers, safety equipment, and instructional resources to name the most pressing.

The plan that has been proposed by the district is not a closed plan. It is fluid. There are items in that plan that are amendable and negotiable. In addition, the framework of that plan, is contingent upon the declaration of the governor. He will ultimately decide which model we will be able to choose from if we have a choice at all.

The specifics of the plan that was shared today will differ by building.

With that being the case, an email correspondence has been sent to Dr. Kelly informing her of the need for clarification on some items. Once we receive that clarification we shall respond accordingly
after communication with membership.

Please know that the ATA has not agreed to any form of live streaming, be it synchronous or for a designated period of time, that employs the use of video and or audio.

With that said, I have attached the email that was sent to Dr. Kelly. If a response is not rendered in a reasonable amount of time, we will take the appropriate measures to ensure our concerns are addressed and heard.

We are faced with a difficult and uncertain period of time. Please know that the union is working. Your building reps have been working extremely hard this summer and your executive officers have been working with the district and our labor relations specialist in an effort to make sure our return to work in any capacity is a safe one.

We ask for your patience and in the meantime, feel free to send me a messsage if you have a concern. I would hate for anyone to have unnecessary stress placed upon them based on factors that are not yet definitive. Again, as soon as I have a response, you WILL be notified.

Thank you all! Be well and stay safe. It would be a shame to think that the efforts of leadership only resulted in worry. Please try to enjoy your summer!