We Need You to Help with Phone Banks

Friday, April 20, 2018
ATA is 300 strong, or should I say, I would like to think it is 300 strong. It has the potential to be 300 strong with personal commitment and involvement.  The reality is we are approximately 30 strong. Yes, 30 committed individuals who consistently run committees, attend events and demonstrate solidarity through union participation.

I am asking you to rethink how you can make your union as strong as it can possibly be.  Strength is shown in numbers. Yes, this means sacrificing time and effort which in the long run will benefit the organization which secures contracts, contractual rights and our everyday working environment.

Educators must play the long game, meaning that we should think carefully about how to organize and build power in our locals, especially since it is widely expected that the Supreme Court will rule in the upcoming Janus case to impose "right to work" on all of America's public sector workers.

Remember, your union will be as strong as your personal commitment. It's time! No Excuses!

April 20th - Bulldog Happy Hour for Autism
April 22th - Walk for Autism, Sunday at Amityville Beach
IMPORTANT:  MAY 9TH AND 10TH ATA Phone Bank for the School Budget Vote, which will take place on May 15th. The phone bank will take place at the ATA office. Even with the tax cap, there is no guarantee that the budget will pass. A failing budget = Possible program cuts and excessing.

Please Make Every Effort to Attend One of these Events


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