This Year's Election is About Our Jobs

Monday, October 22, 2018
Last year was about your pension, so you voted "No" on Con Con.
This year is about your job, so we are asking you to vote for NYSUT's endorsed senators
The moratorium on state tests being used in our APPR expires at the end of the year. That means you can be fired in 2-3 years of your students not meeting some algorithm the state creates.
In June, it looked like we were finally decoupling state tests from our teacher evaluations. It passed the assembly. The governor said he would sign it. ...But even with 55 co-sponsors, the senate majority NEVER brought the bill to the floor for a vote.

Instead, they loaded up a new bill with NYC charter school expansion and sent it to the floor, where it passed with a slim majority of votes.
Senator Marcellino even said, when asked, that he did not have to vote for a bill he co-sponsored.
This November, we are not endorsing any of the Democrats OR Republicans who voted wrong on a clean fix to our teacher evaluations.
If we want to protect our jobs from the political whims of people in power, we cannot allow these same people to be re-elected.
I need you to commit to showing up to make phone calls to other NYSUT members on October 25, 2018
at the ATA OFFICE.
These candidates will not elect themselves. We need to make it happen.
It can be 20 minutes of phone calls or more. Every little bit helps.

I am also including a memo I sent to all Long Island Teacher Union Presidents to inform them of two important dates to help Liuba Grechen Shirley who is running against Peter King for Congress. She is in-tune with the needs of teachers and the unions that serve them. Please consider attending one or both of the following labor walks. You will only visit union members. Please email or text me with questions/concerns/RSVP.