Amityville Teachers Association
The Union that Cares

Anne Poulin

Annette Brown
Bob Claps
Carl Spatola
Carol Seehof
Carolyn Dodd
Chris Quigley
Claudia McCready
Colleen Kretz
Donna Ferguson
Ed Plaia
Kathleen Thorn
Leonora Colletti
Linda Deasy
Lizet Mandriota
Melissa Asbell
Sharon Mendelsohn
Stephanie Brown
Sue Amato

Amityville Day Parade

Chaired by Bob Claps

June 2, 2007

ATA Table at Amityville Historical Society's Heritage Fair

Chaired by Carol Seehof

June 9, 2007

Carol Seehof

Carolyn Dodd

Christine Metz

Denise Graham

Heather Lefferts

Janine DeMaio

Judy Weed

Linda Deasy

Maggie Felt

Melanie Tuthill

Patricia Brown

Peggy Gonser

Sharon Mendelsohn

ATA Awards Night

Chaired by Leonora Coletti and Marc Engler

Music and Art Award Winners

Amityville Mayor Imbert and ATA President Dodd with

Academic Scholarship Award Winners

ATA Friend of Education Award

Susan Amato with her Family

Copyright 2007 Amityville Teachers Association
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