Amityville Teachers Association
The Union that Cares

The leadership of the Amityville Teachers Association consists of the policy forming body known as the Legislative Council.The elected officials are the four major officers,NYSUT/AFT representatives, Building Vice Presidents and Assistant Building Vice Presidents for each of the five schools within the school district. TheExecutive Council consists of thefour major officers and the Builidng Vice President from each school.

As leaders within their respective school buildings, the Building Vice Presidents and Assistants are the people from whom our local members can seek assistance when they have a problem with administrators, or need clarification on contractual issues.

Our appointed Legislative Council members, edit the newsletters, oversee the sick bank allocation, coordinate local projects, and maintain the union website.

The Legislative Council meets monthly to address the concerns of the local union members who make up the Amityville Teachers' Association. The Executive Council meets monthly with the Superintendent of Schools.

The ATA leadership works tirelessly to make our local an effective, efficient, well-organized, and respectedunion.

Carolyn Dodd (NE)
Executive Vice President
Sue Amato (HS)
George Alexander (PAMES)
Recording Secretary
Patti Dieck (EWMMS)

Amityville Memorial High School

Building Vice President
Asst. BVP
Asst. BVP

Edward Plaia
Carl Spatola
Jennifer Trottman

Edmund Miles Middle School

Building Vice President
Asst. BVP
Asst. BVP

Linda Deasy

Chris Sarlo

Janine DeMaio

Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School

Building Vice President
Asst. BVP
Asst. BVP

Marc Engler

Melissa Asbell

Olimpia Amoruso-Karounes

North West Elementary School

Building Vice President
Asst. BVP

Ted Tsirigotis

Carol Seehof

North East Elementary School

Building Vice President
Asst. BVP

Robert Claps

Gail Williams

NYSUT/AFT Representatives

Nancy Finizio (PAMES)

Heather Persan(HS)

LAP Coordinators
Sue Amato (HS)
Sharon Mendelsohn (HS)
Sick Bank Chair
Debbie Ross (EWMMS)
Scribe, Teacher Connection Editor
Sue Amato (HS)
Webmaster, E-update
Sharon Mendelsohn (HS)

Copyright 2007 Amityville Teachers Association
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